The images on this site can be sucessfuly printed if you ensure that you choose the highest resolution available.

You should aim to get about 150 pixels per inch or upwards for a modern inkjet printer. Even though your printer may quote a higher resolution you need to bear in mind that it will use a number of dots to make up one pixel in the image so 150dpi will do fine usually.

On this basis a 1600pixel x 1200pixel image, which is the biggest I do routinely, will print at just below A4/letter size (landscape).

If anybody wants to print a picture and is really bothered about the text on the bottom of the images, let me know and I'll see if I can send you a file that doesn't have them.

Looking for a printer? Mine's an Epson and purely on my (limited) experience it's been a cracker for both photos and bog-standard text. Got it from PC World of all places, cheaper than online at the time...