This is the new home for the content that was to be found on the 'excession' website - scenes and images from the books of Iain M Banks as I imagine them

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Realistically I think updates may continue to be very infrequent from now on but...

- 30th Jan 10: Look what I found (again)...
I managed to recall the password to an old Tripod account that held content for this site ages ago and found some stuff that I thought was lost.  I'm not going to add it to an HTML page since I don't have an HTML editor installed on this PC yet but here's the directory.  There's loads of stuff, including a text file giving the mappings for the keys for the marain font that I did.

- 08th Feb 09: Animation (kind of...)
I've found some old files and re-run some test renders of an animation of the Mark Salwowksi cover of 'The State of the Art' (the one with the metal bug). They're here & here. Second one is 720p HDish but quite highly compressed. At some point I might find time to do it properly...

- 26th July 08: Culture FAQ
For some time I've had a mirror of an impressively old copy of an Iain Banks newsgroup FAQ on this site in the mistaken belief that it was down, but old Tripod sites never die so it still lives - I'd delete it if I could remember the password. Anyway now Matthew Stanfield has updated it and there's a newer, better copy here. For completeness I've retained the old one as a zipped copy on this site (mainly because I still like the design and colours - and no, I don't know why either) so if you're bothered it's here - it will never be updated so use at your peril.

- 6th May: Link to try
I've had an email from Mark Salwowski - the artist who did many of the Iain M Banks covers. He requests a link to his site and I'm happy to oblige and further to recommend that it's definitely worth a look: The IMB covers and lots of others are up, some medium and some high resolution as well.

- 21st December: Found something else:
I've found the old Marain font I did ages ago - the spacing's not up to much and the mappings might be a bit weird (not all Marain characters map directly to English letters) but you can't have everything. Link to the file above and here.

- 23rd August: New Picture in 'images 2'
I finally got round to finishing something I've been working on for ages - lots of image manipulation finally got it into a form I was happy with

- 5th February: Look what I found:

This was taken from the Culture Fanzine a long time ago - I re-drew some sketches that were done by the fair Mr Banks himself to make this. It's stored in the 'archive' section.

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I'm not interested in copyrighting the images in this site as they have all been taken directly from descriptions in the books of Iain M Banks. As far as I'm concerned he retains the copyright. For my part you may print and/or distribute them as you see fit as long as you identify this site as the source, provide a link if the use is for the web and that the use is non-commercial - unless you're Iain Banks please don't try to make money from anything on this site; I don't so why should you?

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